lock up: Kangana Ranaut often goes to prisoner’s school i.e. lock up She is seen taking the contestants. But, recently ‘Queen’ has changed the mood of the prison. Kangana asked all the contestants to kiss their favorite member. But then Sayesha Shinde and Mandana Karimi did something that people were a little surprised to see. ALTBalaji shared a promo of the show on their official Instagram, in which Sayesha is seen saying that Mandana is attracted to him and then she kisses him.

In this video, Kangana Ranaut is seen saying, ‘Love always leaves its mark, this is what you want to do today’. After this Anjali praises Sayesha and says that she is very sweet and kisses her. Poonam Pandey chooses Payal Rohatgi for the kiss and says, ‘I have done some things which sometimes I feel that I should not do’. So Shivam Sharma and Zeeshan also take the name of Mandana Karimi.



While Munawwar Farooqui kissed Saisha. But, while praising Mandana, Sasha kissed her. This time Sasha says, Mandana is attracted to him. Then both of them hugged each other and closed each other’s lips.


All this has been shown in a promo video that went viral on social media. Especially after Munawwar Farooqui and Anjali Arora, Saisha has become the most famous among the prisoners present in the jail. If we talk about Mandana, after a month she entered the show as the 16th contestant.