Actor Ankit Siwach On Casting CouchModel-turned-actor Ankit Siwach recently spoke about his ‘casting couch’ experience during his struggling days. Siwach, a resident of Meerut, admitted that he felt like leaving because of unpleasant experiences and culture shock. Although Siwach made her television debut in 2017, her modeling career began 12 years ago. The actor was amazed as he was invited to work related parties.

Moving from Meerut to Delhi was a culture shock

Siwach recalls the cultural shock he experienced while coming to Delhi from Meerut. The actor said that he used to think that everyone is a good person. Siwach feels that people took advantage of them by ignoring their negativity. According to him, “There were instances when I was asked to send pictures without clothes. I was asked to attend parties that were not work related. It was almost like torture because I was not ready for it.”

Delhi prepares Ankit Siwach for a big fight

Siwach believes that the hardships he faced in Delhi prepared him for the great battle he was all set to enter Mumbai. The actor admitted that despite giving his all at times, he almost gave up because of toxic experiences. Siwach said, “When you get to see people standing there like vultures – they want to eat you, you break down, you want to leave and go back.” Talking about his mental health issues, the actor revealed that he used to break down during his struggling days. He said, “I think it is human nature to have people who have the power to exploit others. It is in every industry. You can’t avoid them, you have to meet them.” shared by Ankit Siwach


Siwach admits to emotional manipulation!

Siwach shared, “I have come across a lot of offers, and signs and people have also been straightforward, in terms of compromising on building a career if not for work. I have been given examples of many actors. ‘You think you can make it big without compromising,’ is what many say. Nobody forces anyone.” When asked if he was forced into casting couch, the actor revealed that no one forced him physically, but he was emotionally manipulated as a teenager. Siwach said, “I was emotionally forced and made to believe that doing it (compromising) was the only way to do it. This did not happen after coming to Mumbai.”