Mumbai: The latest pictures of actress Disha Patani are in discussion. While bold photos of Disha Patni and Ada are being discussed on social media, these pictures are becoming viral. Along with this, two thousand dresses are attracting the attention of the people. Which the fans are eagerly waiting for.

Disha Patani has posted a fresh post on her Instagram account. In this, the hot photo of Disha has created a lot of buzz on social media. (Disha Patani shared bold photo This photo of him is being discussed. She is wearing a golden shimmery dress.

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Disha Patani has shared some pictures in her latest post on Instagram. In this photo, the golden dress has caught everyone’s attention. Her glamorous look is looking very hot. This picture has caught the attention of many people.

Fans liked this style


This photo shows a different direction while sitting on the sofa giving a sizzling pose. The more glamorous she is in this photoshoot, the more beautiful and bold she looks.

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Disha Patani’s latest photo has grabbed my attention. Many people are curious to know the price of this dress. Although the cost of this dress is around one lakh rupees. This surprised many people.

There are discussions of her beauty and boldness in this directional photoshoot. Many people are curious to know the price of her dress. Meanwhile, according to media reports, the cost of Disha’s dress is Rs 1900. which is on their website.

given sizzling pose

Disha’s latest photoshoot is going viral on social media. Fans are praising this photo of her a lot. Also, his style and style are being liked a lot by the fans.

self made makeup

Sharing this photo, Disha wrote in the caption, ‘I have done makeup and hairstyle’.