Jaya-BachchanBollywood actress Jaya Bachchan these days Then are in the limelight. A case related to him has come to light, according to which a deal of 5 acres of land was done in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Actually this deal was done for Rs 1.5 crore per acre, but now Jaya Bachchan is accused of canceling the agreement to sell it. this allegation Bhopal It was imposed by Anuj Daga, son of former BJP MLA Jitendra Daga after registering a case in the court.

According to him, after the settlement, Jaya Bachchan demanded Rs 2 crore per acre of land and then terminated the agreement. Now the whole matter has gone to court. Accepting the matter, the court has fixed April 30 for separate hearing, according to which Jaya Bachchan will have to appear in the court on that day.

Bought 5 acres of land 12 years ago

Actress Jaya Bachchan bought 5 acres of land in Bhopal’s Seveniya Gaur about 12 years ago. Daga’s lawyer Enosh George Carlow said that Jaya Bachchan had hired Rajesh Hrishikesh Yadav to sell the land and Rs 1 crore was deposited in Jaya Bachchan’s account, but Jaya Bachchan came back within six days of selling the land. Went. That money last date. On March 25, Anuj’s money arrived in Daga’s account. The conversation between Anuj Daga and Rajesh Hrishikesh Yadav was also presented in the court as evidence.

According to Daga’s lawyer Enosh George Carlo, “After an offer has been made under the Indian Contract Act, when it is accepted and considered, the contract is deemed to be complete. The agreement between my party and Jaya Bachchan was executed digitally and as agreed under this agreement, one crore was paid in the bank account. After making the payment, the agreement was broken by demanding more money. This is injustice to my party.”

Land deal last date born on March 19

According to sources, Jaya Bachchan has 2,024 hectares of land in Patwari Halka number 40 of Sevaniya Gond tehsil in Bopal. In the case, the victim says that the deal to sell five acres of land was done on March 19. After the deal was finalized, Jaya Bachchan was given 20 percent of the total amount as an advance under the deal and the rest was to be paid in 3 months, but now Jaya Bachchan is refusing to sell the land. Now she wants to cancel the contract.