Chandramukhi The film ‘Chandramukhi’ is currently being discussed on social media. In the film, Adinath Kothare is playing the role of the meditative politician Daulatrao Deshmane. The role of ‘Chandramukhi’ aka Chandra is played by actress Amrita Khanvilkar. The planting of the moon in the film won the hearts of the audience. Recently a new song of this film has come in front of the audience. Guru Thakur has composed this song with lyrics of ‘To Chand Rati’. Shreya Ghoshal has sung this song with melodious music by Ajay Atul.

In this song, the love story of Daulatrao and Chandra, who are hunting in the dim light of night, in the silent silence, looking at the moonlight, slowly unfolds. The melodious music of Ajay-Atul has made the song more colorful.

Composer Ajay-Atul says about this song, “We are returning to Marathi for a long time and that too with a film like ‘Chandramukhi’. This love song came before you after walking in a plantation. That’s when we came to know that we want to give music to a film like ‘Chandramukhi’. So given the grandeur of the film, it also needs music, so we thought of music. Actually every song is the first song for us. That’s why we work on every song with equal enthusiasm, dedication. We try to give life to every song. After Lavani, Premgeet, gradually other songs will come in your darshan. On the occasion of ‘Chandramukhi’ we are working with ‘Planet Marathi’ for the first time. We also got the support of Akshay Bardapurkar and director Prasad Oak from time to time. Lyricist Guru Thakur says that the lyrics of the film are as strong as the lyrics of the song. The lyrics of each of these songs are emotional as it has different types of songs like Love Song, Lavani. While writing the song, care has been taken that the core of the story is not affected anywhere. Every song takes the story forward.”

Akshay Bardapurkar, Founder and Head, Planet Marathi says, “Whenever we met to talk about film music, I was amazed at his vast knowledge of music. I realized how powerful his music is. They try to bring the music of every song to life. They are constantly trying to do something unique. This movie is just as gorgeous. The songs of this film are also audio and visual. You can see its grandeur in the song. The songs of ‘Chandramukhi’ will also dominate the minds of the listeners. After becoming popular among the audience of the movie Lavani, now this love song is also playing on the lips of the listeners and we can definitely dedicate this song to our lover.


Produced by Akshay Bardapurkar, Planet Marathi and Golden Ratho Films, Presented by Creative Vibe Production, Flying Dragon Entertainment, Yellowstar Films, Lightwide Entertainment Co-Directed by Prasad Oak and written by Chinmoy Mandlekar. The film, based on Vishwas Patil’s novel ‘Chandramukhi’, will release on April 29.