New Delhi: Mandana Karimi cooks scrambled eggs for Anjali Arora, however Anjali Arora finds hair strands in her food. Ali Merchant overhears the conversation and goes to Mandana and tells her that those who are cooking should be careful as Anjali finds hair in her food.

Ali tells Payal that he finds her the best cook in the house. An argument ensues in the house and Poonam asks Mandana that she is finding fault in everything from kitchen to bathroom and everything. Anjali asks the family members to keep an eye on Mandana as she is at the very beginning. Munawwar disagrees and says that they are not here to keep an eye on him.


Shivam teases Poonam saying that she has 20 million followers and 200 impressions. He asks her to give an ‘imprint’ on his cheek. Poonam gives her a kiss on his cheek and Shivam goes and tells the other family members about it. However, he returns and says that the housemates are not believing him as he does not have a lipstick mark. Poonam kisses her again with the lipstick mark.

Anjali whispers ‘I love you’ to Munavvar, though the latter replies with a smile. Anjali asks him if he is jealous of her. Munavvar says ‘no’ as he is upset with her for a long time. Anjali says that she will come to meet him in Delhi. But Munavvar says that he lives in Mumbai and will invite her to his show. He says that he will not specially come to Delhi to meet her.


Jailor Karan Kundrra enters the jail and plays a game of seduction with the family members.

Karan teases Anjali whether she is in love with Munavvar. He also curses Shivam saying that he doesn’t look serious enough to win the game.


Zeeshan turns the car and wins the power card. He then saves himself and nominates Saisha Shinde. Karan asks the blue team to take a unanimous decision among themselves to nominate one person. The Blue team nominated Munawar.

Zeeshan has to take two revenges. His first choice is ‘Bedi Bandhan’, under which the person will be chained. Zeeshan closed Payal’s hands and feet with chains. Payal lost her cool and started crying bitterly. Zeeshan then puts Shivam in a place where he cannot use his secrets to save him.

Payal turns the car forward. She makes Zeeshan her personal help and chooses Mandana and Aajah.

A heated argument ensues between Mandana and Payal.

Shivam turns the car. He receives a video message, but loses his fridge in the left block.