Sushil Kumar, a teacher by profession, became a millionaire, but his happiness did not last long because Sushil, who won Rs 5 crore, became poor within a few days. Who wants to be a millionaire (KBC) Sushil’s business got sunk by the money won. Sushil Kumar, who was earlier in the discussion about his intelligence and then poverty, is in the news again today. Sushil Kumar was the first player to win Kaun Banega Crorepati. Sushil, a resident of Motihari district of Bihar, became a celebrity, but his happiness did not last long. His business came to a standstill in the year 2015-16. Then suddenly the news came that he had become poor. After this news, Sushil is once again in discussion.

KBC winner Sushil is in discussion this time because of his love. This time his love for the environment remains the subject of discussion. Sushil is working on the conservation of cockroach, a domestic bird on the verge of extinction these days. Because of its safety, the sparrow also provides nests to civilized people at their own expense. For this, they specially prepare nests and also teach people to save the nest.

Apart from this, Sushil is also planting flowers in Champa. Champaran district of Bihar is famous for Champa flowers. KBC winner Sushil Kumar has started a campaign to plant these Champa saplings. His goal is to plant lakhs of saplings. Sushil said that he got the inspiration to build a rooster nest from a Facebook friend, then he goes from village to village and builds the nest. Teach people to build free nests at their own expense and to plant trees and save birds.