Hyderabad: Allu Arjun, who turned 40 on Friday, reportedly celebrated his birthday in Belgrade, Serbia. The “July” actor, who is still enjoying the success of “Pushpa”, apparently flew 50 of his closest friends to Belgrade, Serbia, and brought his birthday with them. Pictures from his party bash have taken over social media as fans are excited to see Allu Arjun enjoying his birthday. In a picture from Allu Arjun’s birthday bash, he is seen having a good time as his wife Sneha is also seen.

Allu Arjun’s fans, on the other hand, actually started 100 days before his birthday, where he organized food distribution, and contributed to orphanages and old age homes. On his birthday, some of Allu Arjun’s fans also took to the cause and planted saplings.

He also took to his social media to express his gratitude, writing a long note thanking everyone. “Greetings to everyone! First of all, I want to thank everyone for all your wishes. It is your love and blessings that have brought me this far”, Allu Arjun’s post read. The ‘Arya’ actor further added, “I am extremely fortunate that today at the age of 40, when I look back, I feel blessed because of all the beautiful people who have touched my life and my mother. Have given me a lot of love starting from father, family, friends. , teachers, well wishers, my film industry, my audience and my dear and special fans.”

“I am so grateful for every experience that has touched my life. I thank everyone for being a part of this beautiful experience. Humble… with infinite gratitude. Thank you”, concludes Arjuna’s note.