Poonam Pandey has become one of the most entertaining contestants of Lock Up. His honest confessions, outspoken attitude and recent strip-tease have solidified his fan base. Well, among the new wild card entries, Vineet Kakkar has been a fan of Pandey, and has also expressed his admiration for the actress. Vineet has said on several occasions that he has seen her videos (her erotic content) several times, and Poonam felt a little awkward around her.

In tonight’s episode, Munawwar Farooqui, Anjali Arora and Poonam Pandey are seen talking about wildcard contestant Vineet Kakkar. While Munavvar said that he is ‘uncle type’, Anjali calls him ‘Tharki 40 plus old Buddha’. Poonam also joined them and called Vineet Kakkar a ‘tharki (perverted)’. Poonam says that Vineet has told her many times that he has seen her videos. Poonam Pandey said on lock up, “Mereko aate ke saath bola ke tere sari video dekhne hai main, woh bhi 4-5 baar” (She has told me at least 4-5 times that she has watched all my videos). Anjali said, “That is why I stay away from him.” Poonam then told her teammates, “It is a family show, Kuch Bhi Bologe is being watched by people of all ages.”


The ‘Nasha’ actress was on the ‘lock up chargesheet’ last week as she was one of the nominated contestants and then, she promised fans that she would take off her t-shirt on camera if she survived. public voting. As the results were announced by the ‘Manikarnika’ actress herself in the Judgment Day episode on Sunday, April 3, Poonam got the most votes. In Sunday’s episode itself, Poonam fulfilled her promise. She went topless in front of the camera in the absence of other prisoners. However, the model-actress did not go completely nude as she was wearing her innerwear.