Mumbai: Desi queen Sapna Choudhary talks about her journey from Haryanvi dancer to Bollywood actress. Recently, Sapna Chaudhary has shared a video on Instagram, seeing which the eyes of the fans are sure to water. In this video Sapna Choudhary is talking about her difficult career of 13 years.

Through this video, he has told how he was forced to enter this field at a young age and what difficulties he had to face. In the beginning of this video, Sapna Chaudhary is seen saying that she has heard many people talking till now. Have seen a lot, life has shown many colors in this journey.

Sapna Chaudhary has said in the video that I also wanted to go to school to study and do good work. But when I was a child my father fell ill and died. After the death of the father, there was no earner left in the house. So I had to work in this line.


In this video, Sapna is very emotional and says that when I used to dance, people used to taunt me in different ways. People called him a dancer. When dance makes my world work. If my mother, my sister and my brother are leading a good life, then I do not feel sorry for it. Sapna Chaudhary thanked the fans for telling her painful story. The journey of 13 years was very memorable for Sapna.

Sapna said that she forgot all the sorrow with the love she got from the fans. Sapna said that people used to call her dirty when she returned home after 2-2 o’clock bus and auto show. There are many things in my mind that I have kept in my mind over the years. Giving advice to the people, Sapna said that no matter what happens, one should never give up in life.