From South his film ‘Pushpa: Actor Allu Arjun, who won the hearts of Bollywood fans with ‘The Rise’, is celebrating his 40th birthday on Friday, 8 April 2022. Allu Arjun has made a big name for himself at a very young age. Allu Arjun wants to celebrate his birthday with family. However, it is not yet clear whether he will meet the fans gathered outside the house. So let’s know some interesting things about the Flower Nahi Fire actor.

Worked in film at the age of 3

Allu Arjun started working in films from the age of 3. Born on 8 April 1982 in Madras in a Tamil family, Allu Arjun was just 3 years old when he first appeared in front of the camera. At that time, little Allu Arjun worked as a child artist in the film ‘Vijeta’ released in 1985. He was later seen in the 1986 film Daddy. And then growing up, Allu Arjun made his debut in the year 2003 with ‘Gangotri’.

luxury vanity van owner

Allu Arjun is said to have bought a super luxury vanity van named Falcon in the year 2019. It is said that the interior of this van gives a glimpse of a palace. Its cost is being said to be Rs 7 crore.

Allu Arjun is a bookworm

‘Pushpa’ i.e. Allu Arjun is also very fond of reading and his acquaintances also call him a bookworm.

Apart from being an actor, he is also a great singer.

Allu Arjun is a great actor as well as a great dancer and a wonderful singer. She also sang a song for the 2016 Telugu film Sarayanodu.

Wife’s family rejected the relationship

Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy are said to have fallen in love at first sight. The two first met at a friend’s wedding. It is said that at that time Sneha was returning from America with a master’s degree and Allu Arjun became a star of Tamil films. Sneha is the daughter of a Hyderabad-based businessman and her family did not like her relationship with Allu Arjun.