Mumbai: Actress Hina Khan is all set to play a stubborn and fearless police officer in Adeeb Raees’ new series ‘Seven One’. The series is titled ‘Seven One’ as it stars seven suspects and centers around a man, the investigating officer, Radhika Shroff (Hina). Moreover, the case has been closed for seven years and he has only one day to give it a new dimension. Raees, who has previously worked on the anthology ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’ and the award-winning short film ‘Auntie Ji’, spoke about Hina’s de-glam avatar in the series and said that she “takes everyone by a storm”. going to carry.”

“His performance is genuine and nuanced and the look is unlike anything you have seen of him before. Not an ounce of makeup or glamour. We wanted to keep the world of the series raw and real and Hina completely surrendered to my vision. ,” They said. Talking about the series, Raees said, “I have been itching to do something in the crime sector for some time now and am glad that I am entering the genre with ‘Seven One’. This is not a typical Adeeb Raees series. Or the film but its core will surely be liked by all those who look forward to my content. ‘Seven One’ is a crime drama on a surface level, but the series is much more than reality,” further, Hina said the reason she was attracted to the project was that she “never portrayed the character of a cop. “

The actor also spoke about the details of his character in the upcoming series and said, “My character Radhika Shroff is handling this high profile case where the stakes are high. But she is not the Bollywood commercial cop who will chase extravagant stunts, high drama or get dealt with mega build ups every time she appears on the scene. She is more reflective of the real life police.. Her mannerisms and reactions are inspired by the real world. His actions are the result of his responsibility so he is not overboard, but he is very quick and intelligent. I have always been a fan of realistic cinema and never miss such an opportunity,” the actor continued.

When asked what the audience should expect from the series, Hina immediately replied “Lots of thrills, unexpected twists, suspense, realistic cinema and character graph. What you see is not what you should believe. I am sure the audience will connect with the show.” The six-episode series produced by Madidas Films recently completed the main shoot. The cast of ‘Seven One’ also includes Vikram Kochhar, Ashwini Kaul, Bhuvan Arora and Shadab Kamal.