new Delhi A video of Rakhi Sawantwa, popularly known as Bollywood’s drama queen, is going viral. In this video, Rakhi is seen repeatedly grabbing and pulling her dress. s. S Rajamouli’s film RRR continues to create new records on its release day. The film has easily crossed the 100 crore mark worldwide this week due to which the success party of the film was organized in Mumbai. Aamir Khan, Johnny Lever and Rakhi Sawant were also at the party. Rakhi Sawant’s dress was slipping from such a place while posing on the red carpet. The actress did something to save her shame which was recorded in the camera.

Wearing revealing dress-
Rakhi Sawant reached this party wearing such a dress which caused her trouble. This skirt of the actress had a cut from the top. This cut caused trouble for the actress.

Thus the avoidable shame-
Rakhi holds the skirt with one hand and is seen covering Thai from above. This scene was caught on camera.

Rakhi is always in the headlines –
Rakhi Sawant is always in the discussion due to her dress and sometimes because of her strange statements. Now in the Tu-Tu-Me-Me between us and Urfi Javed, Kashmira Shah also said that the whole thing was discussed.

Lee Urfi’s
Class- Rakhi Sawant said that Urfi why are you so angry. I saw the language he used, I don’t like your language, the media is pushing you. You have just entered the industry. We don’t have to fight with anyone, we want to be friends with everyone.