Rashmi Desai-Omar Riaz Relationship: Actress Rashmi Desai on Wednesday reached the cyber cell of Mumbai Police to complain about online harassment in which she spoke about her relationship with Umar Riaz. Now, his good friend Neha Bhasin has spoken on the same and requested the fan clubs to be more sensitive towards a celebrity especially when they are going through a heartbreak.

Neha Bhasin breaks silence on Rashmi Desai-Omar Riaz’s relationship

Neha Taking to her Instagram stories, wrote, “I know fandom only means good. But sometimes, let individuals find their own relationship with each other. Public figures have the same heart as you. When their heart is broken and it is made public, the pain runs deep. Have mercy Love you (sic). Neha’s post is being read in light of the rumours between Rashmi and Umar.

Umar Riaz asks his fans not to disturb Rashami Desai

Tomorrow, asking authorities to help stop online harassment After Rashmi’s request, age took to Twitter and asked everyone to be kind to her. He wrote, “Friends everyone needs to rest. Me and Rashmi both are good friends. I want you all to respect it. You guys are showering so much love on us, so there is no need for this negativity. Please spread love not hate. (sic)” This also Read – Rashmi Desai looks sexy and divine in Neha Bhasin’s powerful song, tell fans as ‘Care’ releases – watch viral video


Rashmi Desai breaks her silence on her relationship with Umar Riazi

In an interview by Rashmi it was said that age Dating someone and they are just good friends, then there is a whole ruckus. “There could be someone in Omar’s life because he is a very private person. We respect each other’s boundaries. I understand that people like to see me with Umar and I respect that. We are just friends and we have such a bond where we keep on fighting a lot and have disagreements… though we fight the friendship is always the same,” she said. This angered the fans and they started trolling Rashmi, asking her why she had to reveal a detail from Umar’s personal life.

Rashmi Desai’s fans say that Umar Riaz broke her heart

A day after all the fuss, Rashami’s fans are now taking to social media claiming that she is suffering a lot for the last 15-20 days. Many fans believe that Rashmi came to know about Umar’s girlfriend and since then she has been trying to mend her broken heart. Check out these tweets:






While there is a lot of speculation online about Umar and Rashami’s current relationship, nothing has been confirmed. As of now, Rashami has unfollowed Umar Riaz on Instagram and is trying to focus on work. Actor Neha Bhasin With the release of her new single – Care, and the video has been widely appreciated for both its content and Rashmi’s look in it. Have you seen it yet? Also, what do you have to say about Rashmi and Umar’s love and hate relationship?