Shabbir Ahluwalia left Kumkum Bhagya , tv actor Shabbir Ahluwalia which for seven years Saffron fortunate has decided to start a new show. first name of love radha mohan , a mature love story set in Vrindavan, will feature her as the lead. the actor Saffron fortunate He played the lead role in the film for more than 7 years and the audience loved his pairing with actor Sriti Jha. He revealed his departure from the show and shared his thoughts about it.


“It is only natural, and this is how a show evolves as the new generation moves on. It also gives a new feel to the plot. I have been around for quite some time to see the importance of progress in this area,” ETimes spoke to Shabbir. Elaborating on this he said that he Saffron fortunate Was left out not because of the kids but because of his character. He further added that it was going to happen at some point. “What happened in my previous shows are just memories, and that’s how an actor happens to hone his craft,” he said.


When asked about the new show, Shabbir said, “Yes, I have taken a new daily soap.” It was definitely tough to move on from my previous show, as it becomes more of a habit than anything. You miss the people you work with every day and spend a significant part of your life with them. Sriti Jha and Arijit Taneja are two people with whom I have a strong bond. So, while saying goodbye is never easy, the show must go on.”