This is bad news for travelers going to Canada. Air Canada has decided to cancel flights from Vancouver to Delhi. Air Canada has taken this decision in the wake of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Air Canada says it is suspending flights between Vancouver and Delhi due to difficulties escaping Russian and Ukrainian airspace.

Air Canada suspends flights
Air Canada suspends flights

According to Air Canada’s decision, flights between Vancouver and Delhi will not be available from June 2 to September 6 and between June 4 and September 8. The change was necessary due to flight times and refueling stops required for escape routes, the airline said in a statement on Wednesday. Furthermore, it said wind and weather conditions in South Asia could add to the challenge. Due to which flights are being cancelled.


In addition, the airline says it will continue its weekly flights, with daily flights to Toronto and four weekly flights to Montreal. He assured that non-stop flights for Delhi-Vancouver would be resumed from September 6.