The long-running war between Russia and Ukraine has angered not only Russian President Vladimir Putin but his friends China as well. This Because of the war, China has to suffer in every way. There is also a loss of money, which may create more problems for him in future. Let us tell you that more than a month has passed since the Russo-Ukraine war and no result has been declared yet.

China is badly confused
China is badly confused

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Chinese President Xi Jinping, like Vladimir Putin, hoped that Russian forces would occupy Ukraine in a few days, but this did not happen. With the help of Western weapons, the Ukrainian army is constantly fighting against Russia.

Now as Russia is embroiled in this war, so is China. There are many reasons for this, for example, China is the world’s leading trader and the long war has badly affected world trade. In addition, China’s energy security framework is weak and, like India, relies on imported hydrocarbons to fuel its economy. This literally means that the continuous increase in oil prices will also affect its economy.