New Delhi: Chinese hackers have targeted India’s power sector near Ladakh in recent months as part of a cyber espionage campaign, according to a report by private intelligence firm Recorded Future on Wednesday.

According to a report, Chinese hackers targeted seven load dispatch centers in northern India near Ladakh. Which controls the grid and power supply in areas near the India-China border in Ladakh. “We believe that the hackers also collected information about the necessary infrastructure and pre-existing conditions for future activity,” he said.

The report said that the hackers tampered with the Indian National Emergency Response System and a subsidiary of a multinational logistics company to gain information. For hacking, the hacking group used software named Shadowpad, which was earlier associated with the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Jonathan Kondra, senior manager of Recorded Futures, said intrusions using the Internet of Things and cameras are quite common. The device has also been used to infiltrate Taiwan and South Korea.


Surat: In the greed of taking gold powder, falling in the gutter
Two youths died in the greed of taking gold powder, two youths have died. No one brought the two men to clean the gutters. Both the youths had unintentionally gone out to dig the soil in the drain. Both the youths earn money by finding gold powder in the soil. The two youths have not been identified.

Gold jewelery is made in the residential area around Ambaji temple. During that operation the gold powder goes through the water into the drain. To get the gold powder, both the youths entered the gutter and died.