Pakistan News : The troubles of the former PM of Pakistan are not taking the name of stopping, of course, playing the card of foreign conspiracy, he rejected the motion before the vote on the no-confidence motion and was successful in dissolving the legislature, but the opposition reached the Supreme Court on both these issues. has gone. Everyone is waiting for the court’s decision in this matter. Meanwhile, news has come that during the tenure of Imran Khan, the net worth of Farhat Shahzadi, a close friend of his wife Bushra Bibi, has quadrupled.

Imran-Bushra’s reception party held at Farah’s house

According to the report, Farhat Shahzadi grew rapidly in the first three years after the formation of Imran Khan’s government. The total declared assets of the princess was Rs 23.1 crore in 2017, which increased to Rs 971 crore in 2021. Its filing was zero in 2018.

Farhat Shahzadi is also known as Farah Gurjar or Farah Khan. He is one of Bushra Bibi’s closest friends. How special it is for Bushra can be gauged from the fact that the wedding reception party of Imran Khan and Bushra took place at Farah’s house.



Imran’s former aide made serious allegations

Opposition leaders, including Imran Khan’s close aide Aleem Khan, have leveled serious allegations of corruption against Farah Khan. These people allege that during the PTI-led government, lakhs of rupees were embezzled in every transfer and posting in Punjab province.

Buying property in multiple cities

According to reports, Farah Khan’s fortunes changed after the prime minister appointed Usman Buzdar as the chief minister of Punjab province. Before Imran Khan came to power, Farah’s declared assets in 2017 stood at Rs. 231,635,297 (231 million). However, in the first three years of Imran Khan’s rule, Farah bought several properties in different cities and invested crores. He also invested in several businesses.

black money scheme availed

According to the documents, Farah Khan also took advantage of the Black Money Scheme (Tax Amnesty Scheme) in 2019 during Imran Khan’s government and declared assets worth Rs 32.8 crore under the Tax Amnesty Scheme 2019. According to documents, Farah Khan bought some luxury properties in Lahore and Islamabad during Imran’s tenure, including a villa in the posh sector of Islamabad. Farah Khan bought a 933 square yard house in Islamabad’s Sector F-7/2 for Rs 195 crore.

Zero income tax in 2018

For the tax year 2018, Farah filed a zero income tax return. Farah Khan’s wealth doubled in the year 2019 (July 2018-June 2019) in a year after Imran Khan appointed Usman Buzdar as the Chief Minister of Punjab, then Farah Khan’s net worth was Rs 699,137,839 inside Pakistan and outside Pakistan in UAE 15,749,479 as flat. , In this case, the total assets inside and outside Pakistan were recorded at Rs 714,887,318 while the net assets were Rs 697,502,318.