China Corona Cases: Once again the wave of corona is going on in China. The biggest problem is in Shanghai. Due to the large number of infected being found here, the government has imposed a lockdown. More and more testing is being emphasized. People are being appealed to follow the rules of Corona. Various methods are also being adopted to make people aware and alert. People imprisoned in homes are sharing these advertisements and appeals on social media.

At present, about 26 million people are trapped in their homes in Shanghai. Some of them are sharing videos related to advertisements being done by the government to follow the lockdown of Corona, which is very funny. Some people tweeted how the government is repeatedly declaring to control your desire for freedom, don’t open your door and just stop singing.

Special appeal to the couple too

Another video shared on social media showed the announcement being made by health workers. In the video, the health worker tells the couple that from tonight the couple should sleep separately, should not kiss, should avoid hugging each other, and should eat separately.


dissatisfaction with food

A week ago, a video of a robot surfaced on social media urging people on the streets of Shanghai to follow the Corona guidelines and lockdown. At present, there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the people regarding the distribution of food and other essential commodities due to the COVID restrictions.