content_image_964eedb1-a383-45dd-9a94-363102c6bbdfNew Delhi: Amidst serious allegations of embezzlement, Farah Khan, a woman close to Imran Khan, is being accused of running away from Pakistan. Farah Khan is a close friend of Bushra Bibi, wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Farah Khan is accused of embezzlement of Rs 200 crore from the government. A photo of him sitting in a luxury plane is also going viral. The cost of his bag is also being said to be Rs 3 lakh.

According to Pakistani newspaper The Dawn, Farah Khan left for Dubai on Sunday. Her husband has already left to go abroad. Meanwhile, Romina Khurshid, leader of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, also shared a photo, but it was not clear.

A bag is seen next to Farah in the photo. Romina Khurshid has written about this that Bushra’s front woman Farah Khan, who has fled the country, has a bag worth Rs 3 lakh. A user named Huren Parvez targeted Farah’s luxury plane and her expensive sandals. He wrote that it costs 3 lakh rupees to go to Dubai by private jet. Hermes Sandals.

In fact, PML-N deputy chief Maryam Nawaz had accused Farah of charging high fees for the transfer and posting of officers. Maryam accused Farah of embezzlement of Rs 500 crore and called her a scammer.