china-lockdown-1-1024x576The world’s first case of corona virus was reported in China. Which is still fighting the corona infection. Thousands are trapped in their homes and facing starvation in the stringent lockdown. But instead of delivering essential goods to the helpless, China is threatening them. As people in Shanghai protested on the balcony of their apartment, the Chinese government was sending a message via drones, “Control your desire for freedom.”

There is a complete ban on people leaving their homes in Shanghai. Facing food shortages, locals are protesting on their balconies and singing, ‘Why are you starving us?’ Alice Sue of The Economist shared a video of it on Twitter. As can be seen a drone is asking the people standing on the balcony to stop singing.

Chinese drone attack on people in Shanghai

Suu wrote in her tweet, “Shanghai citizens were protesting by singing such a song on the balcony due to lack of food and drink.” Then the Chinese drone said, follow the rules. Take control of your desire for freedom. Don’t open the window and don’t sing.’

People in Shanghai are suffering on social media

Chinese authorities have imposed a strict lockdown in the country’s most populous city under the ‘Zero Kovid Policy’. At least 26 million people are under house arrest in Shanghai and depend on local authorities for basic needs. The people of Shanghai are expressing their grief through social media. Those who are complaining that they cannot order food. Because, the food delivery facilities have been closed. While the whole world is slowly emerging from the corona epidemic and easing restrictions, the outbreak of corona in China is spreading rapidly and the situation is deteriorating day by day.