379364-rasia-zeenew Delhi: Russia has launched a series of attacks on Ukraine. The Russian attack destroyed several cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Buka. Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives in the war so far. Amid tensions, groups supporting the Russian military in Ukraine’s Donetsk have issued a stern warning. Eduard Alexandrovich Basuri, the official representative of the Donetsk People’s Militia (DPR), said that if Ukraine does not accede to Russia’s demands, the situation will become like an India-Pakistan, India-China border.

“Everyone knows that Western powers in Ukraine are trying to destroy the Russian Federation,” Basurin was quoted as saying. Those people will not stop, they will try their best. His next target will be India. The spokesman said that the whole world knows that India-Pakistan, India-China border are two such areas, which no one has been able to resolve for years.

He further said that in Mariupol, the Russian Federation demanded that the people of the port city surrender in exchange for a secure humanitarian corridor. Also we want to implement demilitarization and demonetization in this region, if these demands are not met in Mariupol then the situation will be like India-China, India-Pakistan border.

Why would India be the target?
He further said that India also has many problems like region, language, faith. Everything that was the cornerstone of Ukraine is in India. That is why I understand why India is watching the developments in Ukraine at the present time. Basuri said that India should support Russia in whatever is happening between Russia and Ukraine at the moment. Appealing to India for support, he said, “If five per cent of your (Indian) population helps us, we will win and this war may end.”

He said, ‘I am not asking India to help us blindly. You can help in many ways. An attitude of neutrality in the UN Security Council would also be helpful. “Our legacy is now becoming history,” said the Donetsk military spokesman. We are unlucky because all this is happening on our planet. “We need to think about recovery,” he said. But the emphasis is on how to win this battle before it heals. Because reform is for tomorrow and victory is for today.

India committed Buka massacre
Donetsk’s military spokesman’s statement comes at a time when India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations TS Tirumurti has condemned the killing of innocent civilians in Bukhara, Ukraine. He described Buka’s reports as “gravely disturbing” and called on the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation. Tirumurti’s statement is being described as India’s biggest reaction to the Ukraine war so far. Many are also seeing this as a sign of a change in India’s stand on the Russo-Ukraine war.