Islamabad (agencies) Hearing on the ongoing political upheaval in Pakistan is going on in the Supreme Court for the fifth consecutive day. According to Geo News, Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandiyal said during the hearing that the decision passed by the deputy speaker in the National Assembly in April appears to be in violation of Article 95 of the Constitution. Another judge on the bench Jamal Khan Mandokhel said the order issued by the deputy speaker on April 3 was signed by Speaker Asad Qaiser and not Qasim Suri.

The opposition is eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision. However, the opposition wants the Supreme Court to deliver its verdict as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s lawyer in the Supreme Court said that this matter is an internal matter of the National Assembly. He also said that the decision taken by the Deputy Speaker on April 3 was absolutely correct and constitutional.

Qureshi targets America

Talking to reporters, Qureshi said that the US had raised questions on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Russia, which was not appropriate. He said that Pakistan is an independent country and has good relations with Ukraine. He also said that the Prime Minister’s visit to Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine. America should not have interfered.

The record of the National Assembly was called

During the second day’s hearing, the top court also sought complete records of the proceedings of April 3 from the National Assembly. The court clarified that it was only hearing whether the decision passed by the Vice President was within its jurisdiction and was legal or not. The court also made it clear that it is not going to interfere in policy matters of the state or the Centre.

Imran Khan can appeal

Imran Khan will demand the Supreme Court to conduct a judicial inquiry into the letter threatening to interfere in the internal affairs of another country. According to media reports, he can appeal to the Supreme Court to set up a high-level inquiry commission.

Army lied to Imran Khan

The army said on Wednesday that foreign forces have no role in the opposition’s no-confidence motion. This integrity of the army is very special because till now Imran Khan has been trying to explain the same thing to the country and the world. He cited a letter from both the military and the United States denying the allegations. Meanwhile, in a survey, 64 percent of the people of the country blamed rising inflation and the failure of the government. The Supreme Court has also asked Imran Khan for full details of the National Security Council meeting.

There is an atmosphere of terror in Pakistan’s politics

The opposition has made serious allegations of corruption against Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Biwi’s friend Farah.

Imran Khan’s Information and Broadcasting Minister got furious on the question on Farah.

President Arif Alvi has asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to propose a date for the general election.

The President has also discussed the appointment of a new caretaker prime minister in the country.

China has said that the political turmoil will not affect its economic corridors.

Former Director General of ISI Lt Gen Asad Durrani says that America will never forget the allegations leveled by Imran Khan.