World Haemophilia Day 2022: Today (April 17) is World Haemophilia Day 2022. World Haemophilia Day is observed every year on 17 April to raise awareness about hemophilia and other hereditary bleeding disorders. Haemophilia is a life-threatening disease in which bleeding does not stop after an injury. This means that even if a person gets a minor injury, his blood does not stop and he can die due to excessive bleeding.

World Haemophilia Day was started by the World Federation of Haemophilia in 1989. This day is celebrated every year with a special theme and this time the theme is ‘Access for All’.

What is Haemophilia?

Whenever a person is injured somewhere, blood starts flowing from the wound. Your body has an auto system to stop this flowing blood. This causes blood to collect around the wound, which stops the bleeding for some time. However, when a person is suffering from hemophilia, his blood does not clot at the time of the injury and continues to bleed.


Hemophilia is a genetic disease caused by a deficiency of thromboplastin or a blood clotting factor. Hemophilia is a serious condition that can cause death due to excessive bleeding.

What are the symptoms of this deadly disease?

If a person has hemophilia, blood will continue to flow even with the slightest scratch. Pain remains in the joints of the bones of such a person. Sudden swelling in any part of the body. They cause bleeding in the stool or urine. There are blue marks on the body. Bleeding nose, bleeding gums, easy scratching of the skin are some of the symptoms.

how to save

If you have bleeding gums or teeth, see a dentist right away. Avoid blood thinners. Include foods rich in vitamins and minerals in the diet. Do exercise and yoga daily. Contact a doctor immediately if more severe symptoms occur.