Imran Khan got slapped Before Floor Test in Pakistan: Slap in the face is a hot topic. Pakistani media is claiming that Imran Khan was stabbed to death in his house just a night before the vote on the no-confidence motion. Imran Khan resigned from the post of Prime Minister after the slap. Voting went smoothly the next day and Imran Khan’s government fell. After all, know the whole matter.

Pakistan is currently claiming that a slap in the face changed the government of Pakistan and Imran Khan became the former prime minister in a jiffy. The slap fell on Imran Khan. A senior journalist of Pakistan is saying so.


On the night of April 9, a helicopter carrying two people landed on the lawn of Imran’s house in Baniwala. He met Imran Khan in a separate room. He first asked Imran Khan to resign. But Imran Khan refused. A heated argument broke out amidst all this and in the end a man slapped Imran Khan on the cheek.

After this revelation, there is a lot of discussion in Pakistani media. Actually, the question arose on the social media of Pakistan that how did Imran Khan get hurt under his left eye. Why did he wear glasses everywhere for two days?


According to some Pakistani reports, the incident took place in Imran Khan’s Banigala, while according to some reports, the slap took place in the Prime Minister’s Office. According to Pakistani journalist Asad Ali Toor, on the night of 9 April, the Pakistani army had sent an order to Imran to resign. But Imran Khan did not agree. However, the army sternly said that the Supreme Court order should be followed.

According to Pakistani journalist Salim Safi, Imran Khan decided to remove Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. Imran Khan fired General Bajwa and made up his mind to make the former ISI chief and his close friend General Faiz Hamid the army chief. Imran summoned the defense secretary and prepared a notification to sack Bajwa and appoint Faiz Hameed as the new army chief. All that was left was to write the notification number. But at the last moment, Bajwa came to know about Imran’s move. On the night of 9 April, Imran had gone out to talk to someone on the phone in Lone. Army Intelligence intercepted the call.

Then at 11 pm a helicopter took off from the Army Headquarters in Rawalpindi. These included ISI Chief Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum and Army Chief Bajwa. The chopper landed on the lawn of Imran’s house in Banigala a few minutes after the count. The trio talked in a room and the ISI chief asked Imran to resign. Imran refused. It is said that this heated argument escalated so much that in anger, ISI chief Nadeem Anjum slapped Imran on the left cheek. However, the Pakistan Army has dismissed the whole story as baseless.