The Russo-Ukraine war is not taking its name. So far many people have lost their lives in this war. Now UAE has come forward to help the people of Ukraine. According to the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ukrainian nationals have been allowed to stay in the emirate. According to the Ukrainian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, the option of a one-year residence visa is offered to Ukrainian citizens through the Taszil center in Dubai.

According to the UAE government, the visa will be issued on the basis of a resolution passed in 2018. It said distressed countries and war zones were within a one-year permit and the UAE was obliged to improve their living conditions until they were ready to return.

To extend the one year residency permit certain documents will need to be attached. There is also a fee of three thousand rupees. It may be recalled that the UAE has so far provided 3 million metric tonnes of aid to Ukraine.


Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmitov has announced the rebuilding of the city of Mariupol, which was destroyed by Russian attacks. Rinat, known as the Steel King of Ukraine, has said that Ukraine’s brave soldiers will soon drive out Russian soldiers and Ukraine will prosper again.