Today is the 52nd day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. But so far there has been no sign of a ceasefire from any country. Amidst the enormity of the war, Ukraine says 3,000 of its soldiers have been killed in the war so far. Ukraine claims that around 20,000 Russian soldiers were killed in the war. Ukraine’s President Zelensky said in an interview that his troops had been reduced to 10,000. Russia has warned the US that its warship has sunk in the Black Sea.

Russia has said that the US should stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. If this does not happen, the United States could face unexpected risks. More than 2,800 people have been evacuated amid the disaster in Mariupol. Russia still dominates many Ukrainian cities. Kherson included. The Russian army has been occupying the city of Kherson since 30 March. The British Center for Information Resilience has released a shocking report. Citing satellite imagery in the report, it has been said that during this period about 824 new graves were found in Kherson.

British Russia’s sanctions on PM, officials

Russia has retaliated against Britain, embroiled in controversy over Britain’s military aid to Ukraine and Britain’s PM Johnson’s visit to Ukraine. Russia has banned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and top British officials from entering Russia. This information has been received from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The war may go on till the end of 2022: America

The US said in a statement that the war in Ukraine could continue until the end of the year. The US said in a statement that it believes the war between Russia and Ukraine could last longer.

France reopens Kyiv embassy

Life in the Ukrainian capital is slowly coming to a standstill after Russian troops left Kyiv. According to reports, the French government has reopened the French embassy in Kyiv after an important decision. Embassy staff are back.

Russia’s attack 2,982 civilians were killed in: UN

The United Nations has made a big claim on the issue of Ukraine war. The United Nations says that 2,982 Ukrainians have been killed so far in Russia’s attacks. While 2,651 people were injured. Officials said the actual figure could be even higher.