The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received a total of 4,83,927 H-1B cap registrations during the current fiscal year (for the period ending September 30, 2023), a nearly 57% increase from fiscal year 2022. Of these total registrations, USCIS chose 1,27,600 registrations, or 26 percent of the total registrations received, to meet the H-1B quota. USCIS’s selection of a candidate for an H-1B visa includes cases such as the sponsoring company not following the visa filing process properly, which is considered a denial of a visa to a candidate. US immigration law firm Barry Appleman & Leiden reported that USCIS selected significantly more candidates through preliminary lottery than last year. USCISS selected 87,500 registries in 2022.

total 85,000 Registrants will get H-1B visa

Specifically, the US annual quota for H-1B cap visas is 85,000, which includes 20,000 visas issued under the masters cap. Preference is given to those who have advanced degrees from US universities. According to the data, more than 48,000 registrations have come for the masters cap, which is about 31 per cent of the total registrations. Sponsor company registrations that have been selected must apply for visas by June 30.