America does not like India’s neutrality in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. America has repeatedly asked India to take a stand. Many times America has tried to create indirect pressure. But India has maintained its stand so far. But now America is openly threatening India. Brian Deez, top economic adviser to US President Joe Biden, said India could pay a heavy price for its alliance with Russia. We are disappointed with the decisions taken by China and India on this issue.

Relations with America can be complicated

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Dez said the United States is “deeply disappointed” by the way India and China have shown neutrality in the Ukraine crisis. Brian Deez said the results of a more strategic alliance with Moscow would be long-term. On one hand America, Europe, Australia and Japan have imposed economic sanctions on Russia, on the other hand India has refused to accept these sanctions and India is preparing to import oil from Russia. India’s response to the issue is complicating its relationship with Washington. In Asia, where India is seen as an important partner in countering China’s influence, India’s stand against America is not justified.

Earlier, Dalip Singh had raised objection


Significantly, this is not the first time that the US has tried to put pressure on India. India’s earlier attempts to buy cheaper oil from Russia have been challenged. A few days ago, US President Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor Dalip Singh said during his visit to India, “If China violates the LAC, India should not expect Russia to come to its rescue because Russia and There is no limit to the partnership between China.” No. He made this statement in the context of India’s response to the Ukraine war.