Kabul: At least 30 people, including women and children, were killed in airstrikes by Pakistan on Friday night in Afghanistan’s Khost and Kunar provinces, local authorities in Afghanistan confirmed on Saturday. According to the update, Pakistani planes targeted the areas of Sporra district of Khost province.


According to updates from local officials, at least 26 Pakistani aircraft struck Mirpar, Mandeh, Shaidi and Kai villages in the Spura district of Khost province.


Meanwhile, Tolo News tweeted, “Media reports as well as interviews of several eyewitnesses suggest that Pakistani forces conducted air strikes on Friday night in two areas in East Kunar and Southeastern Khost provinces of Afghanistan.”


Khama Press reported that officials in Khost province said Pakistani planes bombed the province’s Pesa Mila and Mir Safar areas on Friday night.


At the same time, local residents of the province said that airstrikes were carried out in Spera district of Khost province, in which 33 members of two families were killed.

Meanwhile, local residents of Shalton district of Kunar province said that five children and a woman were killed in an airstrike by Pakistan.

To this, neither the government of Pakistan nor the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan have commented on the bombings, but Pakistani media have said that the bombings have killed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Pashtun Islamist militant groups in those provinces. targeted. by Khama Press

While local residents of Afghanistan’s Nimroz province said Pakistani forces opened fire on Afghan drivers, killing at least one, Khama Press reported.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s foreign ministry has summoned Afghan charge d’affaires in Islamabad to register a protest over the cross-border attack on Thursday, local media reported.