New Delhi: A tanker carrying 750 tonnes of diesel fuel from Egypt to Malta sank in the Gulf of Gebes off Tunisia’s southeast coast on Saturday, prompting crowds to avoid the leak.


Zello, carrying the Equatorial Guinea flag, was on its way from the Egyptian port of Damietta to the European island of Malta when it requested entry into Tunisian waters on Friday evening due to bad weather.


A local court spokesman said: “The ship sank in Tunisian waters this morning. At the moment, there is no leakage” adding that “a meeting of the disaster prevention committee will take place which will decide on the measures.”


The environment ministry said the ministries of defence, interior, transport and customs were working to “avoid a marine environmental disaster in the region and limit its impact”.

Mohamed Karre told AFP: “The ship sank in Tunisian waters this morning. There is no leakage at the moment. There will be a meeting of the Disaster Redressal Committee to decide on the measures to be taken. Earlier, Tunisia officials said the ship was at risk of leaking and could result in an “environmental disaster”.