380695-biden16422 US President Joe Biden is once again in the news. A video is going viral on social media which has made her a joke. The video gives Biden’s opponents a chance to target him. He was reportedly giving a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania in North Carolina on Thursday, and was seen shaking hands in the air, even though he was alone. This whole incident was caught on camera and now it is going viral.

After his speech, US President Joe Biden turned around and shook hands. Shockingly, no one was on the stage. Biden didn’t realize he was alone on stage. It can be seen in the video that Biden turned and reached to shake hands with someone as soon as he said that God bless you all but there was no one there at that time. After this mistake, Biden suddenly turned to the other side.

The US President has been mocked on social media after the video went viral. Some say Biden is battling dementia. On the other hand the opposition is also targeting his aging. Opposition groups say Biden’s aging has left him stunned. So now he should consider retiring from politics.

The US President has made such a ‘mistake’ before. Some time back a video of him went viral in which he had entered his house after exiting the road. It was being said that Biden must have lost his way while walking. Significantly, Biden is very popular these days. He also looked quite distracted at an event last week.