content_image_4b7da827-b6f4-4783-a1a2-fe569d3779b1New Delhi : Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan passed away last week. Opposition parties unite to vote on no-confidence motion against Imran Khan. It is being said that Imran’s downfall was due to differences with the Pakistan Army.

Meanwhile, rumors are rife that a cabinet meeting was called at Imran Khan’s house on the night of the vote on the no-confidence motion and Imran had refused to resign.

There are rumors on social media that Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa had fired Imran Khan in the meeting and the tension escalated to such an extent that Bajwa slapped Imran Khan.

There is a lot of discussion going on and people want to know what actually happened in that meeting. Although foreign policy expert Sivach told a news channel that the slapping may be a rumour, but it is true that the Pakistan Army went against Imran.

He said, ‘I had gone to meet ISI Director General Imran Khan but what happened after that is difficult to say. Foreign policy could also be one of the reasons for the differences between the army and Imran Khan. Because Imran Khan was moving closer to Russia and he did not like the army. Relations between Pakistan and US military are very good and Pakistani military wants to maintain those relations.

One of the reasons behind this can also be that most of the assets of the top officials of the Pakistan Army are in America.