content_image_07749212-d0ac-4614-b86b-cddbc920d731New Delhi : Amidst the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the ongoing discussion about US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine has finally come to an end. The White House, the official residence of the president in the United States, said in a statement that President Biden has no plans to travel to Ukraine at this time.

Earlier, several European leaders had gone to Ukraine to support Ukraine in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The biggest name is of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. After Johnson’s visit to Kyiv, there were reports that Biden was also visiting Ukraine.

According to US media reports, a high-level delegation of President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin may visit Ukraine on Wednesday.

Bide toured Europe last month. However, he kept his distance from Ukraine in the meantime and Ukraine did not like it.