content_image_ba051744-b7c8-4b8e-889d-ab8eff29a2bfKyiv : It’s been 50 days since the war between Russia and Ukraine. Instead of ending the war between the two countries, it is increasing. Ukraine has begun to respond more aggressively to Russia.

Ukraine recently claimed the destruction of the Russian warship Moscow. The Ukrainian military has also been accused of carrying out airstrikes on residential buildings in Russian territory. In response, the Russian Defense Ministry called for intensifying missile attacks on Kyiv.

There are frequent explosions around Kyiv. Russia claims to have destroyed a factory manufacturing Neptune anti-ship missiles. Ukraine attacked Moscow ship with Neptune missiles. The Russian ship caught fire and sank.

Yesterday, Russian missiles targeted a factory where Neptune missiles are produced and the factory was destroyed.

Russia has repeatedly claimed that its ship sank due to a technical fault, but its retaliation makes it clear that it was Ukraine that sank its ship.