Ukraine has stood against India’s foreign policy in the matter of war. India has put its interests before the interests of the world for the first time. Many western countries including America are uncomfortable with India’s neutral stand.

India has also sent a message to Russia condemning the Bucha massacre. India has repeatedly conveyed to the world that in global affairs it is a matter of prioritizing its own interests rather than falling into the ranks of powerful nations.

After the outbreak of the war, India became a part of diplomatic gatherings. Representatives of many countries including America, Britain, Russia, China, Australia visited India. Through these visits, various countries intended to use India to their advantage. India, however, made it clear that it would take a decision in the context of the Ukraine war in accordance with its interests and views.

The message of the changed policy was given by the foreign representatives during his visit to India by PM Modi. Of the foreign delegations that visited India, PM Modi only met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The PM did not meet US Deputy National Adviser Dalip Singh and UK Foreign Minister Elizabeth Truss.

Similarly, the PM did not meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. According to government sources, India’s attitude towards his visit remained cold. In particular, Truss and Duleep Singh wanted India to suspend imports of oil and gas from Russia and Ukraine to criticize Russia over the war.

By keeping distance from these representatives, India has given a message that India will not compromise on its neutral stand.