Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has been promoted to lieutenant general by Russian President Vladimir Putin, two top Chechen officials have claimed. and is currently in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. Russian media have confirmed the news, citing the head of the Chechen parliament, Mohamed Daudov, and Akhmed Dudayev, Minister of National Policy, Foreign Relations, Press and Information.

“The Chechen leader’s contribution to the victory of international terrorism in the Chechen Republic and the maintenance of Russia’s integrity cannot be overestimated,” Daudov said in a statement. “In the next few days, the city will be captured and freed from the Nationalists and the Nazis,” he said.

Chechen leader on social media on 14 March Released a video about the involvement of Chechen fighters in the siege of Mariupol.
That said, it belongs to Hostomel near Kyiv. Kadyrov posted a video of Chechens’ involvement in the siege of Mariupol on Sunday, which featured Ruslan Geremyev, believed to be the mastermind behind the assassination of opposition Russian politician Boris Nemtsov. Ukraine’s Pravda reports that Russian forces are constantly encircling Mariupol.

Kadyrov is known for his brutal torture.Beginners
According to estimates, since the start of the Russian blockade of the coastal city on March 1, around 5,000 people have died and 170,000 others are still at home, while 150,000 have been evacuated. Of the 5,000 victims, 210 are children. The leadership of the Russian military in the Ukraine war is now in the hands of Ramzan Kadyrov, who is considered close to Putin. Kadyrov is known for his cruel and tortuous ways.

In a speech at the start of the attack, Kadyrov called Zelensky
asked to “apologise”. During his speech, he wore a military uniform and Prada shoes worth ₹ 1,200 (about Rs 1 lakh). The Chechen leader is now eyeing the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, where 90 percent of homes and buildings have been destroyed in a month-long war. Human rights groups say Kadyrov runs a death squad called “Kadyrovites” and tortures people in secret cells.

Even the Chechen commander could have killed Putin
Kadyrov’s fighters have been linked to the killings of political opponents, human rights activists and journalists. According to reports, the head of the Chechen Republic has been called ‘Putin’s attack dog’. After the outbreak of the Russo-Ukraine war, Kadyrov urged Putin in a telegram to “end the problem forever”. “Give our soldiers a chance to use all possible force to put an end to this,” he said.

In his post, Kadyrov wrote for Putin, “Com President, I have told you many times that I am your ordinary soldier. I am ready to give my life for you. But I don’t think the Defense Ministry, the National Guard and our other soldiers are dying like this in Ukraine.