China Corona Cases: China In the fourth wave of Corona has wreaked havoc. The worst is in Shanghai. Even after the strict lockdown here, the cases of corona are not taking the name of stopping. On Friday, the maximum number of patients were found in a single day in Shanghai. According to the report, symptoms of corona were not found in 20700 patients on Friday, but the report came positive, while symptoms of corona were found in more than 3400 patients.

As the cases increased, the Chinese government imposed a strict lockdown in Shanghai about 15 days ago, but still the situation there does not seem to be under control. Most patients are seen here daily. According to the National Health Commission, the cases here are increasing day by day. Infection testing is getting more attention in Shanghai and other cities of China. Multiple rounds of testing are being done. Special arrangements have been made for Kovid patients in hospitals too. Additional beds and additional hospitals have been created.

eat too

Shanghai has been closed for several days due to Corona. In the midst of all this, the people here are facing a lot of problems. There is no food in many houses. According to a report by China’s official Global Times, Shanghai is going through its toughest phase in terms of corona virus. People are also finding it difficult to eat. People on the internet are expressing a lot of anger against the government. The death of an elderly woman waiting for treatment in Shanghai has created an uproar.


So is China hiding the death figures?

According to the report, China is again hiding the death toll from Corona. On Friday, about 12 elderly people died of corona in a hospital in Shanghai, but they were not linked to the corona. According to government figures, no one has died in the city since 2020.