kiev-aata-16500733483x2Lviv: Bodies of more than 900 civilians have been recovered from some areas of Kyiv following the withdrawal of Russian troops. “The bodies were left uncovered on the street,” Andrei Nebitov, the chairman of the regional police force in Kyiv, told reporters on Friday. After that he was temporarily buried. “Statistically, 95 per cent of the bodies were shot,” the police said.

“We think people were killed in the streets during the Russian occupation ,” said Andrei. He said the number of civilians killed was over 900, who were sent for forensic examination. He said bodies are being found daily under rubble and in mass graves. The most affected area was Buka, where more than 350 bodies were found. “The Russian military is looking for people who have strong pro-Ukraine views,” Andrei said.

Russian soldiers prevent funeral in Mariupoli

Meanwhile, the Mariupol City Council said on Friday that Russian soldiers were previously removing bodies buried in residential complexes and that burials are no longer allowed for those killed by Moscow’s military, according to local residents. According to Telegram, “A guard has been deployed in each compound to prevent the residents of Mariupol from handing over the cheetahs to their dead relatives or friends. It is not known why the bodies are being retrieved and where they will be taken.”

About 21,000 people died in Mariupoli

Mariupol Mayor Vadim Bychenko told the Associated Press that at least 21,000 people were killed in Mariupol and many were “lying on the streets.” He claimed that the Russian military had deployed dynamic equipment for systematic disposal of victims’ bodies in order to hide evidence of the genocide and to provide evidence to the international organization of “atrocities committed by the Russian military”.

At the same time, Russian troops opened fire on buses carrying civilians in the Ukrainian village of Borovaya, near the northeastern city of Kharkiv, killing seven and wounding 27. A spokesman for the local prosecutor’s office told Ukraine’s Suspline News website on Friday. He said Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies were trying to find out why the attack happened. These claims have not yet been confirmed.