Pakistan Plotting Plans Against India : Pakistan is plotting against India every day. For now, Pakistan has adopted a new approach. Pakistan is strengthening its cybercrime network and spreading hatred in India with the help of these cyber criminals. The Pakistani branch of ISPR does not shy away from making any incident in India public. Their sole aim is to promote unrest in India through social media and tarnish its image internationally. According to the information, the purpose of ISPR is as follows.

-How India’s international image tarnished
India’s vote will be less important in world affairs
There will be increased global pressure on India, especially the US and European countries, to grant advisory status to India.
If the image is bad, then investment in India will decrease.
The number of tourists coming from India will also decrease

Tension between two societies, tense situation on Ram Navami

There have been some incidents on the day of Ram Navami in the country this year, due to which a situation of dispute has arisen between the people of both the communities, especially during Ram Navami and Ramzan. Meanwhile, cybercrime analyst Amit Dubey, who advises many states on cyber issues, was spotted on social media and Twitter, where he clarified one thing.


Some controversial hashtags were trending in Pakistan

Cybercrime analyst Amit noticed that on April 10 and 11, three hashtags were trending on Twitter. A total of 1.5 lakh tweets have been made with these three hashtags in two days. 70% of these tweets were from abroad. 40% of all tweets were from Pakistan and Afghanistan. This tweet started with Pakistan. The hashtags from which the tweets were sent are the hashtags.


#Muslim GenocideInIndia

#Indian MuslimGenocideAlert

A video of an old incident in India has been posted in a tweet with this hashtag. The hashtag was also being tweeted from several European countries including the United States, Germany and Canada. Many people in India were retweeting him, the research also revealed that people with verified accounts in India retweeted or voted for the tweet with the hashtag, which they later deleted.

Distribution of Tool Kits from Pakistan Air Force

Cybercrime analyst Anuj Agarwal, who advises several Indian government agencies in matters of cybercrime analysis, said that Pakistan through its cyber army distributes a toolkit on when and on what background to tweet on any Indian issue. Is. Everything is written in it. Your bots, which are present in different countries, need to be activated in such a way that the response on Twitter is displayed in a normal pattern. That is, there should be no reaction from any one country.

Tweeted from ‘in’ countries

Pakistan – 43081 (Most Tweets)
Afghanistan – 16045
India – 29423
United Kingdom – 231
Germany – 783
Saudi Arabia – 1731
Romania – 487
Turkey – 1497
Indonesia – 7534
Malaysia – 1367

fifty tweets of one person
At present, it is not known how many people have tweeted simultaneously, but in the context of these tweets of April 10 and 11, it can be said that one person was doing about fifty tweets. Canada’s New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has expressed concern about Muslims in India. Jagmeet Singh wrote on Twitter that the Modi government should stop inciting anti-Muslim sentiments. Jagmeet Singh wrote, “I am deeply concerned about the images and videos of violence targeting Muslims in India.” Modi government should stop inciting anti-Muslim sentiments. Human rights must be protected. Canada must play a stronger role in bringing peace to the world