China Corona Update , The fourth wave of corona is being seen in China. The worst is in Shanghai. Despite the lockdown and strict rules in Shanghai, the corona infection is not taking its name to stop. On Friday, the maximum number of patients were found in a single day in Shanghai. According to the report, more than 24,000 coronaviruses were found throughout the day on Friday. Of these, 20,700 patients did not have symptoms of corona, but the report came positive.

The Chinese government imposed a strict lockdown 15 days ago in view of the increase in the number of corona patients in Shanghai. Was. However, the situation in Shanghai is still not under control. It has been learned that daily maximum corona patients are registered here. According to the National Health Commission, the number of corona patients is increasing daily here. In other cities of China including Shanghai, more emphasis is being given on corona testing. Special arrangements have been made for corona patients in hospitals too. Additional beds and additional hospitals are being built.

lack of food
Due to Shanghai is closed for several days. In such a situation, people have to face many problems. Many people in Shanghai do not have food at home. According to China’s official Global Times, the worst is in Shanghai. People are also facing food crisis. People are expressing their anger against the government on social media. The death of an elderly woman awaiting treatment in Shanghai has caused an uproar.

Is China hiding the death figures?


According to reports, China is again hiding the death toll from Corona. At least 12 elderly people died of corona in a hospital in Shanghai on Friday. But she was told that she was not infected with Corona. According to Chinese government figures, no one has died in the city since 2020.