Russia Ukraine conflict , Russo-Ukraine War Today is the 52nd day of Russia In these 52 days, Russia has destroyed many big cities of Ukraine. It also includes Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Russian troops opened fire in Kyiv. More than 900 bodies have been found in Kyiv since the return of Russia. The police said this in a press conference on Friday. Andrei Nebitov, the head of the regional police force in Kyiv, said some bodies were temporarily buried and some were still lying on the streets. According to the information received, 95 percent of the deaths
Caused by being shot.

The bodies were found in a pile of rubble,
Andrei said, Russian soldiers had killed civilians. The number of bodies found in Kyiv has exceeded 900. The bodies have been sent for forensic examination. Every day bodies are found under heaps and in mass graves. More than 350 bodies have also been found in the Buka massacre.

More than 500 civilians killed in Kharkiv
More than 500 civilians, including 24 children, have been killed in Kharkiv since the Russian invasion. Kharkiv Oblast Governor Oleh Sinyubov said Russian troops continued to fire at civilians. On 14 April, Russia launched a series of missile and artillery attacks on civilian areas, about 34 times.