Ukraine Russia War: Today is the 51st day of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia has destroyed several major cities in Ukraine. Both the countries are not ready to back down in this war. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has claimed that two Ukrainian missiles sank the Russian warship Moskva. AFP reports that a Russian warship, the Moskva, was sunk by the Pentagon.

Russia is expected to intensify its attack on Ukraine in response to the sinking of the Moscow warship. Meanwhile, information about a damaged Moskva stationed in the Black Sea came to light on Thursday.

big blow to russian army

It is being said that the sinking of Moscow is a big blow to the Russian army. Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Friday it would intensify missile strikes on the capital Kyiv in response to alleged incursions into Russian borders by Ukrainian forces.


Moscow has long-range missile carrying capability

The Moskva battleship was capable of carrying 16 long-range missiles. Experts say that the sinking of the warship will have a major impact on Russia’s military capabilities in the Black Sea. Moreover, this incident has dealt a serious blow to the reputation of Russia. Which is being seen as a big historical mistake. Russia is preparing to invade eastern Ukraine after withdrawing from the northern part of the country, including the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. In such a situation, the sinking of the warship is being considered a big symbolic defeat for Russia.