Russo-Ukraine War: Russian media say that Moscow’s Third World War against NATO has now begun. The shocking statement comes after Russia lost another military intelligence agent in Ukraine. It is the top intelligence service of the Kremlin. Olga Skabayeva told the news channel that the ongoing war can be called the Third World War. Also it is absolutely certain. “Now we are definitely fighting against NATO,” he said.

The Kyiv government also claimed to have launched a missile attack on the warship.

In fact, a senior US Defense Department official said on Thursday that Russia’s missile carrier sank in the northern Black Sea on target of an anti-ship missile attack by Ukraine and collided with a missile ship. The Kyiv government has also claimed responsibility for the missile attack on the warship. A US Defense Department official who spoke on condition of anonymity said on Wednesday that at least one, possibly two, missiles landed on Moscow, causing fire.

At least 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed so far,
Whereas President Zelensky has given details of how much damage Ukraine has suffered so far in the war against Russia. In an interview with a news channel, President Zelensky said that according to preliminary information, 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed so far. In addition, 10,000 soldiers were wounded.


95 percent of civilians are killed by bullets

Russo-Ukraine War Today is 52nd day. In these 52 days, Russia has destroyed many big cities of Ukraine. It also includes Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Russian troops opened fire in Kyiv. More than 900 bodies have been found in Kyiv since the return of Russia. The police said this in a press conference on Friday. Andrei Nebitov, the head of the regional police force in Kyiv, said some bodies were temporarily buried and some were still lying on the streets. According to the information received, 95 percent of the deaths were due to bullet injuries.