51 days have passed since the Ukrainian war. A simultaneous air strike alert has been issued in all regions of Ukraine. So now Russia has intensified its aggressive stance. According to reports, the bomber was killed in Kyiv shortly after noon. There have been three consecutive blasts here. Russia has threatened to launch a nuclear attack if the war continues. Russia says a military base outside Kyiv has been cleared of Caliber missiles. Meanwhile, a Russian ship, which was hit by a Ukrainian missile, sank in the Black Sea. Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday night that the warship had sunk in the Moscow Sea. The accident happened when the ship lost its balance while taking off. Ukrainian President Zelensky has praised the courage of the Ukrainian military in sinking the ship.

Russia’s Defense Ministry also warned that it would intensify attacks on Kyiv in response to Ukrainian military attacks on Russia. Russia has accused Ukraine of carrying out attacks in its border areas. The Russian military said in a statement that its missile system shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter. Russia says a helicopter going to bomb our border region of Bryansk has been shot down. The war has so far claimed hundreds of lives. Russia and Ukraine on Friday accused each other of carrying out the attack. Ukraine claims seven civilians have been killed in a Russian missile attack. Russia, on the other hand, has accused Ukraine of carrying out the attack on Belgorod that caused heavy damage to schools and about 20 buildings.

Seven killed in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine says seven people have been killed and more than two dozen injured in a Russian bus attack during an operation to rescue stranded people in the war-torn region of eastern Ukraine. The incident took place in the village of Borova in the Izim district of eastern Ukraine when Russian forces targeted a bus carrying passengers.

Consensus on 9 humanitarian corridors

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said on Friday that an agreement has been reached to build nine humanitarian corridors in Mariupol for the safe evacuation of civilians stranded in war-torn areas. People can also get out of their private cars through this corridor. People have been asked to leave immediately.

Biden will not travel to Ukraine

US President Biden will not travel to Ukraine. Jane, White House press secretary. Psaki said Biden would not go to Ukraine. There were reports in the US media that the Biden administration is planning to send a high-ranking official to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russia killed 30 Polish mercenaries in Ukraine: Russia

Russia’s defense ministry said in a statement that its Strategic Rocket Force had killed 30 Polish mercenaries in the village of Izimsko near the northeastern city of Kharkiv in Ukraine. The mercenaries belonged to a private police force. Russia did not say whether Ukrainian troops were injured in the attack. last month Russia killed 180 mercenaries in a missile attack in northern Ukraine.