Melbourne: Australia may also open its doors to visas related to the Indian agricultural (agriculture) sector after allowing yoga, chef and working visas in a free trade agreement with India. Australian Foreign Minister Dan Tehan indicated this on Wednesday. There, students from both the countries will soon be able to study engineering, medicine and other courses under the dual degree system. An agreement has been reached between the two countries on this. The dual degree system will be finalized soon in collaboration with the Human Resource Ministries of India and Australia. Encouraged by the free trade agreement signed on April 2, India and Australia now want to increase their trade to 100 100 billion (about Rs 7.5 lakh crore) by 2030. At present the trade volume between the two countries is ₹ 27.5 billion.

At a meeting of the India-Australia Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Tehane said they could open Australia’s doors to sectors other than cooks in India’s yoga and services sector. He said that agriculture sector can also be considered. India is pressuring Australia to allow agriculture sector visas. The advantage of this would be that Indian agricultural workers would also get a chance to work in Australia. Australia has a severe shortage of agricultural workers and recently allowed Vietnam to issue agricultural visas to meet their needs in the agricultural sector.

what is a double degree

After talks with Tehen, Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said that the universities of both the countries will reach an agreement after the universities of both the countries approve the dual degree system. Then there will be education under this system. Under this, in a four-year course, a student has to study for two years in India and two years in Australia. In such a situation, students of Australia will study in India for two years. Both countries will recognize dual degrees. Goel and Tehen said that the level of knowledge acquisition with such a system would be very high. A detailed blueprint of this arrangement between the two countries will be prepared soon.

Working holiday visa holders can apply again

According to the FTA, Australia is gearing up for two to four-year visas as well as holiday working visas for students studying in Australia. Australia has so far only issued holiday working visas to citizens of developed and European countries. Work and holiday visas require specialized knowledge of a particular field and good knowledge of English. But there is no such condition in working visa. Students with up to two years of secondary schooling and informal knowledge of English will be able to obtain a holiday working visa. Australia will issue working visas to 1,000 Indians every year. Students or individuals who have obtained a working visa once can apply for a working visa again. This visa will be valid for one year.