Mushrooms Can Talk : Mushrooms can converse with each other. They have a dictionary of 50 words, based on those 50 words they can talk to each other. After researching this, the researchers claimed that the mushrooms were talking among themselves. This may sound strange, research has shown. Professor Andrew Adamatsky reports. The Guardian reports.

We also know that there is life in plants. Plants begin to bloom after getting good fertilizer and water. But it sounds strange to hear that anyone can speak fungus. But according to a study, mushrooms, which are considered a rich source of protein, can talk among themselves. Not only this, he has his own dictionary of 50 words. Research has shown that they are talking to each other through this. This is stated in a study of the electrical activity of four species of fungi. According to studies, the electrical impulses of mushrooms are similar to human language. The research was carried out by Professor Andrew Adamatsky from the University of the West of England.

This is stated in a study published in the Royal Society Open Science. Talking about this, Professor Andrew said that there is no information about the connection between the spiking pattern of fungi and human language. However, fungi can communicate with each other. Andrew claims that fungi have both a brain and consciousness. He has a dictionary of 50 words. They use only 15 to 20 of these words to speak.

Professor Andrew explained exactly what the mushrooms were talking about. The average length of each fungal word is 5.97 characters. That is, a little bigger than human words. Studies have shown that mushrooms communicate with each other about the weather and impending dangers. Researchers have come to this conclusion by analyzing electrical activity patterns. However, not all scientists fully accept this. According to the Guardian, Dan Bieber of the University of Exeter says more research is needed. Dan Bieber also said that it is too early to call electric action the language.