The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Russia’s attacks have wreaked havoc on Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday made serious allegations against Russia. He said Russia was preventing people from entering the port area of ​​Mariupol. He said that Russia is doing this to hide the killing of thousands of people. He wants to hide the murders. “We can’t go to Mariupol with human cargo, because they’re afraid the whole world will see what’s happening there,” Zelensky told a Turkish channel.

Zelensky says Russia is hiding
Zelensky says Russia is hiding

“I think a tragedy has happened and not 9-10 people but thousands of people have been killed and many have been injured,” Zelensky said. He assured that no matter how hard Russia tries, it will not be able to hide all the evidence. He would not be able to bury all the Ukrainians who were killed or wounded. This number is so huge that it is impossible to hide it. Russia has tried to do the same in the city of Buka outside Kyiv. Russia tried to hide the evidence by massacre here, but the truth came in front of the world.


Zelensky went on to say that he had burned several families. Yesterday we got a new family again, consisting of parents and 2 kids. The Russian army burned them all. That’s why I call them Nazis. On the issue of continuing peace talks, Zelensky said that Russia will also have to continue talks because without it it will be difficult to stop the war.