Kabul: Al-Zawahiri, the head of the world’s most wanted terrorist organization, has praised a girl named Muskaan from Karnataka. Smile in hijab controversy. The video went viral when a youth was saying ‘Jai Shri Ram’ with a saffron blow to his neck, looking at him and saying ‘Alla hu Akbar’ with a smile. The video has reached Al Qaeda, indicating a response from Al Qaeda.

All eyes are now on the language in which Muskaan responds to al-Qaeda.

Praising the smile, the al-Qaeda chief said, “You have exposed the reality of Hindu India and its pagan democracy.”


The al-Qaeda video is nine minutes long. Praising India’s honest lady smile, Al-Zawahiri continues in the video, “May Allah reward you for teaching a lesson to the blind people on the West Lake.”

Al-Zawahiri doesn’t stop here, he says, as a weapon of danger, seen in France, Holland, and Switzerland, where nudity is recognized but the hijab is banned.

The video was released by al-Qaeda’s al-Shabaab media, which said al-Zawahir was ill a few days ago. It is also rumored that he has died from a serious illness since 2000. But it is clear from the video that he is alive.